Open spec-based AI building blocks


Development of AI systems by lowering required skills


Responsible AI system design through frameworks


Your AI Datasets, Algorithms, Skills

  • Universities and Research Labs that offer advanced degrees in AI, sponsor substantial AI research, or operate AI laboratories.
  • Data and AI Model Providers that provide data and advanced algorithms as a service to professional and amateur data scientists, analysts, and researchers.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV) that that build, develop, and sell consumer or enterprise software to individuals or businesses. Who build and market AI infused software products for the enterprise and consumers. Other leading tech companies in discussion.
  • Digital Services Partners who drive deployment of AI solutions globally.
  • Industry Enterprises and many leading businesses are deploying AI as a strategic capability. Focused on accelerating AI powered processes while minimizing vendor lock in.
  • Advisory Companies focused on formulating and advising companies on best AI practices for trust, ethics, safety, fairness, and inclusiveness in AI research, apps, and services.
  • Digital Design Partners that build AI powered solutions for Fortune 500 and startup clients to drive trust and engagement with AI powered applications and services. Argodesign is currently partnering with AI Global.

1. Publish at least 10 distributable AI assets in the Marketplace

Datasets, Algorithms, Models, Skills, Services packaged through AI-ADL 1.0 interfaces for open reuse.

2. Promote the Open Skills Specification

WSDL moment for AI. Help develop, promote and drive adoption of the standard.

3. Collaborate in the Marketplace with your teams and customers to drive Responsible AI

Consume assets, build partnerships and drive collaboration in the marketplace. Host contests for building Responsible AI systems.

4. Join AI Global Membership and promote it

Membership options available, applied towards Marketplace maintenance, promotion and governance