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As a nonprofit at the intersection of government, industry, academia, and civil society, we are actively putting AI principles into action. 

Taking a human approach to AI, we build tools that help practitioners in all types of organizations know how to implement AI in a responsible and ethical way.  As a member-driven organization, we rely on your support to continue to do our important work! 

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Why AI Global

We recognize there is growing concern and lack of trust with the accelerated adoption of AI in society and are dedicated to do what we can to promote the greater adoption of responsible and trustworthy AI systems. With a team of both policy makers and AI developers, we have  a unique and necessary perspective on what levers are required to make real change in both government and industry.

Our network of AI experts in government, industry,academia, and civil society has allowed us to build tools that practitioners need and will help them as the design, develop, and deploy AI systems. 

Through its initiatives, the Responsible AI Community Portal, the Responsible AI Design Assistant, and Responsible AI Check we seek to:

  • Inform and advance public and private AI Governance efforts to protect people, planet, and organizations. 
  • Be recognized for delivering valuable tools that help our members designing, developing, and deploying AI systems.
  • Attract and retain a strong network of experts to support our members.
  • Be a trusted source of information for responsible AI. 
  • Have the ability to attract strong partnerships to advance responsible AI efforts within the global community.  

Our Initiatives

Responsible AI Community Portal 

  • The responsible AI Community Portal is an authoritative repository combining reports, standards, models, government policies, open datasets, and open-source software to help members better navigate the AI landscape and directly connect with the experts who build AI systems. 

Responsible AI Design Assistant

  • The responsible AI Design Assistant is a virtual assessment to help members anticipate problems and future-proof their AI system. This tool brings together research and industry best practices to help designers, developers, and product owners keep in mind key AI challenges including data rights and use, privacy, security, explainability, fairness, bias, and robustness.

Responsible AI Certification Mark 

  • The responsible AI Certification Mark is an independent and authoritative mark to help consumers easily identify trusted AI services and tools. Based on an AI Trust Index, the certification mark is continuously aligned with principles, best practices, and standards for responsible design, implementation, and use of AI.