Practical Tools for Responsible AI

Who We Are

AI Global is a non-profit committed to a world with trustworthy, safe, and fair technology. Our mission is to transform the way disruptive technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are designed, built, and regulated. As a “Do Tank” we’ve created easy-to-use tools that support practitioners as they navigate the complex landscape of Responsible AI. By working closely with those building AI systems, we use this feedback to inform AI policymakers. Creating this strong feedback loop enables a technology-enabled world that improves the social and economic well being of society. 

Why We Care

We firmly believe that AI is not only poised to re-shape the world as we know it, we believe that it’s here to stay. More than just the latest buzzword, AI is expected to add more than $15 trillion dollars to the global economy by 2030. With limitless opportunities to provide better access to critical services like healthcare, banking, and communication, AI has proven the ability to enhance our daily lives and increase the analysis of information. However, early uses of AI have demonstrated that when not designed in a thoughtful and responsible manner, these systems can be biased, insecure, and not compliant with existing laws.

Why AI Global

The issues arising from the increased use of AI have been well documented. There are hundreds of white papers, policies, journal articles, and research studies that highlight these significant challenges. However, there are limited resources available for practitioners to easily understand what developing good AI actually means to them. AI Global puts this information together in a way that is easy to access and understand.

Our Toolkit

AI Global is led by practitioners who have experience in making both policy and AI systems. We know how to take principles and put them into action. These tools have been identified not just because they are best practices, but because we know that they deliver value.

Responsible Community AI Portal

The Community Portal is an open platform combining reports, standards, models, government policies, open datasets, and open-source software to help members better navigate the AI landscape and directly connect with the experts who are creating these valuable resources. 

Responsible AI Design Assistant

The Design Assistant is an open virtual assessment to help members anticipate problems and future-proof their AI system. This tool brings together research and industry best practices to help designers, developers, and product owners keep in mind key AI challenges including data rights and use, privacy, security, explainability, fairness, bias, and robustness.

Responsible AI Check

The Responsible AI Check is an independent certification mark to help consumers easily identify trusted AI services and tools. Based on an AI Trust Index, the certification mark is continuously aligned with principles, best practices, and standards for responsible design, implementation, and use of AI.

Where in the World is AI?

Our Where in the World is AI? Map shares helpful and harmful applications of AI around the world. Filter by domain and year to join the conversation on what Responsible AI is.

When combined these tools not only provide a strong foundation of knowledge, but a clear understanding of how to design, develop, and build your unique AI system in a way that adheres to current standards, policies, and regulations. 

Given that AI regulation is still an evolving industry, AI Global is at the forefront, taking feedback directly from practitioners and working with regulators to help inform policy moving forward.

Our Approach

Responsible AI is not just a catchphrase for us. AI Global’s Toolkit is built on a strong foundation with a diverse group of experts from industry, government, academia, and civil society. The Responsible AI Design Assistant and Responsible AI Check are based on an independent and comprehensive assessment tool, the Responsible AI Trust Index. 

Building off of best practices and existing policies, AI Global has identified the key areas to foster trust in the creation of an AI system.

Support AI Global

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