AI Global Responsible AI Survey

By July 9, 2020Uncategorized

AI Global sits at the intersection of government, industry, academia, and civil society where we leverage technology to build helpful tools to ensure that AI is implemented in a responsible way. While we require smart engineers and designers to build functional tools, we also believe that it is essential to involve policy makers in this process in order to understand the implications of these technologies, in order to ensure that they are designed and deployed in a safe, secure, and thoughtful way that mitigates as much harm to individuals and communities as possible.

AI Global is bringing these different actors together to advance this work and implement responsible use of AI. We want this work to be informed by the people that are both developing and using these AI systems, which is why we are working on laying the foundation for this work right now. 

By working closely with those building AI systems, we use this feedback to inform AI policymakers. Creating this strong feedback loop enables a technology-enabled world that improves the social and economic well being of society.

We would like to gain more insight on Responsible AI principles that you have applied or will be applying in any of your projects, as well as factors that contribute to ensuring AI is responsible. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey: The survey results will help us in collecting more data on Responsible AI practices by stakeholders.