AI-Austin welcomes Vint Cerf

By March 17, 2017Uncategorized

AI-Austin was pleased to be able to partner with the Capital Factory to welcome Vint Cerf (VP Google and Internet Evangelist)  for lunch and discussions during SXSW 2017. After a tour of the Capital Factory, Vint sat down with about 12 of us, including Bob Metcalfe and Stephen Wolfram (an honour to be with such luminaries!) to discuss the benefits and pitfalls AI. Vint repeated his concerns about software bugs and his particular concerns regarding them and AI (see also his speech to the Sackler Foundation Royal Society and NAS meeting and spoke about his non-profit I4J which is in lockstep with the aims of AI-Austin so far as future proofing jobs and re-skilling workers.

Many thanks to all who attended. See photographs of the meeting in our events section.